Befour Right-Weigh Model FS1000 Scale

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The Health-Weigh Electronic Scale (FS-1000)

The Health-Weigh Electronic Scale has the features and accuracy needed for effective weight management. In addition to it's accuracy of +/- one-tenth of a lb., it has memory capability to remember an individual's weight history and can measure to a goal weight.


  • Records & displays current weight, last weight, goal weight, highest & lowest weights and weight trend.
  • Accuracy of +/- one-tenth lb.
  • Memory Capacity for over 1000 individuals.
  • Memory Backup in case of power loss.
  • Fast Response (less than 2 seconds).
  • Large, easy to read LED display.
  • Warranty is 3 years, parts and labor.


  • Height: 42"
  • Platform size: 14" x 16"
  • Weight: 28 Lbs
  • Weight capacity: 500 Lbs./225 Kg
  • Technology: Advanced Microprocessor Design, Strain Gauge with Motion Detection. Power source: 120V AC (Transformer included). 230V AC Transformer available.