Algra Flip Chart Poster Book

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Algra Flip Chart Poster Book

Innovative, striking and sophisticated.

A collection of 12 beautiful weight training posters in a convenient flip-chart book! Each 11öx16ö poster provides the most commonly performed exercises for the chest, arm, shoulder, back, mid-section, and leg. Spiral binding makes it easy to flip from one poster to the next!


  • 11"x16"
  • Includes 12 posters
  • Posters Included:


    1. Exercise and muscle guide (front)

    2. Exercise and muscle guide (back)

    3. Chest workout

    4. Biceps and forearm workout

    5. Triceps workout

    6. Shoulder workout

    7. Back workout

    8. Abdominal workout

    9. Leg workout

    10. Dumbbell workout (1)

    11. Dumbbell workout (2)

    12. Weight training stretches