Body Solid Color coded, vinyl dipped Kettlebells - lbs

$8.00 – $90.00

5 lb5 lb
8 lb8 lb
10 lb10 lb
12 lb12 lb
15 lb15 lb
20 lb20 lb
25 lb25 lb
30 lb30 lb
35 lb35 lb
40 lb40 lb
45 lb45 lb
50 lb50 lb
$10.45 $8.00

Vinyl Dipped Kettlebells

Lead times are being reduced!  Now is the time to place your order!  We can still expect lead times of 6 to 8 weeks, but they are substantially lower than they were a few months ago.

These Body Solid kettlebells are made of solid cast iron and then dipped in vinyl for increased durability.

Available in 5 thru 50 lb. weights.