WaterRower M1 Low Rise Aluminum Rower

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Wood is beautiful, but this aluminum features a stunning look!


The WaterRower "M1" LoRise Rowing Machine.


The WaterRower M1 LoRise is a full commercial model with a lower level entry point (300mm/12") than the M1 HiRise

Client Preferred

The WaterRower has been conceived to excel in many aspects;

  • Most Comfortable- preferred over conventional mechanical rower
  • Most Rewarding- natural rhythm makes time pass faster
  • Most Complete Exercise- works 84% of the the muscle mass
  • Impact Free- preferred by women and children
  • Kind to Joints- preferred by older users
  • No user knowledge necessary- unique self-regulating resistance require no setting
  • Minimal Intrusion- quieter than any other rower
  • HiRise option- elevates the user position for ease of access and higher stature in use.

Durable by Design

The WaterRower has been designed to resolve many of the common durability failings of conventional rowers;

  • Dual Rail Design- the WaterRower uses dual rail design there is no build up of sweat (and hair, skin and oil) typical of common monorail design rowers, causing damaging the seat wheels and necessitating frequent replacements
  • High Strength Polyester Drive Strap- the WaterRower uses a polyester drive strap there is no need for lubrication, or problem with corrosion typically of conventional chain driven rowers
  • Enclosed Sealed Water Tank- the WaterRower uses a enclosed flywheel there is no build up of dust and dirt typical of messy air resistance rowers
  • Freely Supported Bungee- the WaterRower uses a freely supported bungee there is no wear typical of conventional rowers which pass the bungee over pulleys causing abrasion, failure and costly repair.

Unrivalled Aesthetics

The WaterRower has been designed to capture much of the pleasure of naturally performed aerobic exercise;

  • Minimal Intrusion- the WaterRower is designed to minimise the intrusion on the environment and importantly on those sharing the environment
  • Soothingly Silent- the WaterRower is near silent, except for the sound of moving water
  • Silky Smooth- the WaterRower produces the most natural, smooth and realistic action
  • Allure of Moving Water- the WaterRower's patented WaterFlywheel engages the user with the calmness of moving water
  • Superbly Styled- the WaterRower various models furnish a style to compliment any environment.

Minimal Maintenance

The WaterRower has been designed to be virtually maintenance free;

  • Dual Rail Design- unlike monorail design rowing machines, the dual rail minimises the need to clean monorail and replace the wheels regularly
  • High Strength Polyester Drive Strap- resolves the issue of chain maintenance and breakage typical of conventional commercial rowing machines
  • Enclosed Sealed Water Tank- resolves the issue of cleaning the dust accumulation typical of conventional air resistance rowing machines.
  • Freely supported Bungee- resolves the issue of bungees abrading around guide pulleys typical of conventional commercial rowing machines.

Smooth and Flowing

Rowing, like other endurance based aerobic pursuits (such as swimming, running, cycling, skating, etc), is naturally smooth and flowing.

If endurance based aerobic pursuits are harsh and mechanical, or jerky and jarring, you are doing them wrong.

The WaterRower, like rowing, fatigues the user purely aerobically.

Conventional mechanical resistance based rowing machines fatigue mechanically as well as aerobically.

The harshness of this mechanical fatigue should not be assumed to be of any benefit, it does not change your heart rate and hence does not improve your aerobic benefit. It just hurts.

When training for endurance based exercise like rowing you are training your cardio vascular system. Hurting does not enhance your cardio benefit.

Silent and Unintrusive

The WaterRower has been designed to be silent, with all but the soothing sound of moving water.

Because the WaterRower's patented WaterFlywheel replicates the same physical dynamics as rowing, its operation is equally as peaceful.

Simply pull the handle and you are greeted with the sound of surging water. The noise, while not silent, is soothing to the ears and is far from intrusive. Others can quite easily share living area.


Performance Monitor included at no additional cost.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

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